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Multimeadia Artist
Diana Myers


My work explores and interprets aspects of my life and art. I love to travel and incorporate photos in my work. While serious in its exploration of the mysteries and complexities of life, my work is also whimsical, expressing the humor and joy that make life worthwhile.

I delight in working with found objects and organic materials to create multi-dimensional, mixed-media pieces-- sometimes highlighting and other times transforming their inherent nature, but always creating unique combinations and forms.

Nothing is off limits as I investigate not only materials but also themes that move me. One theme is the movement of time, and how our relationship to it changes as we move through different stages of our life.

Influenced by my years as an affordable housing consultant, I embrace the concept of “artivism” and view art as a tool for social change. I confront scourges such as homelessness, racism, the pandemic, and political strife, as in my recent series entitled “Out of Balance.”

Another theme is nature. I have always loved nature, especially trees. To me, trees are wondrous. They stand majestic, even splendiferous. They are harbingers of the seasons as they change from bare to lush, and cast beguiling shadows and silhouettes.

Trees help to dampen the effects of climate change, supply us with paper and essential building materials, and naturally cool our homes, streets and cities. I often look to trees for inspiration in expressing the mysteries

and wonders of nature.

Cheltenham Artists

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