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Donna Haines

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Donna Haines Ceramic Arts

I have always loved drawing, handbuilding of all types, texture, color, and compositional design, both organic and geometric.  I create designs, molds, and sculptural ceramic pieces based on my personal interests, drawings, and conversations about art.  All parts of the creative ceramic process interest me; I love the ongoing problem solving challenges of bringing an artful vision through to a fully realized piece from drawing, shaping, detailing, mold making, drying, firing, and hand glazing to finishing. 


I use mid range clays and glazes to create works that are equally happy indoors or outside.  Most pieces are decorative and made to stand alone, in groupings, as accent pieces, or as an entire tile mural, backsplash, border...

Limited only by your imagination and available surfaces!  

Cheltenham Artists

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